Sustainable Chicken Treats

Developed by Mobius Farms, Chick Stix is a highly nutritious chicken feed that supports the wellbeing of your beloved chook as well as the environment.

With the intention to address the UN’s Sustainable development goals, Mobius Farms look beyond traditional sustainability measures and raise black soldier fly lava as a protein rich, healthy and nutritious pet snack for chickens, reptiles and ferrets.

Their ‘chick stix’ contain ample amounts of healthy fats, protein, calcium and other macronutrients to keep your chook happy and healthy. In addition, these little grubs work to reduce landfill by breaking down hundreds of kilograms of waste food that would otherwise be destined for landfill

This nutritious feed can be bought in a range of quantities, from small tubs to big bags, all in compostable packaging. Find Jeanine outside once a month and learn more about her insect farming model to produce climate proof protein for pets.