Apples, pears, cherries, strawberries, ciders & fruit juice from a family owned farm in Adelaide Hills

Three generations of the Ceravolo family work on their Adelaide Hills orchards. With 70% of their 300ha devoted to apples, they grow 10 different varieties, including: Pink Lady, Kanzi, Royal Gala and Sundowner.  The family also grows pears, cherries and strawberries. In addition to fresh fruit, Ceravolo bring their Ashton Valley Fresh juices to the market every week.

The Ceravolos have won multiple primary producer, innovation and sustainability awards in the South Australian Food Industry Awards. Using technology to increase sustainability, the Ceravolo’s use underground probes to measure the soil moisture and control the fully automated drip irrigation system. Monitors on the fruit give real time feed back on their growth remotely from the orchard.

Find Ceravolo Orchards outside at the Adelaide Farmers’ Market every Sunday.