Premium raw honey

Phil and Lyn Marshall of Barossa Honey bring their pure blue gum, red mallee, orange blossom and creamed honey to the market twice a month.

As well as gently filtered raw honey you will find honeycomb in season and Lynn’s blue ribbon winning ‘waggle dance’ homemade honey cakes. You can also pick up some handmade beeswax wraps, perfect for lunch boxes, created using surplus beeswax.

From squeezy jars of runny honey to seasonal honeycomb and gift packs, find the perfect local honey for any occasion. The hives work hard providing vital pollenation for almond orchards and other commercial crops. Look out for seasonal specials and new honeys. 

Find Barossa Honey outside at the market every other week. Stop for a chat, and ask Phil about bee keeping, he’s passionate about sharing his knowledge. If you are in luck you can watch the bees busy at work in the glass sided observation hive.