Sustainable Living Sessions at the Showground Farmers' Market

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    The Adelaide Farmers' Market launches a series of free Sustainable Living information sessions in 2017 to encourage the community to embrace food sustainability. Held in the farmers’ market pavilion demonstration kitchen area, the information sessions - supported by a grant from the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resource Management Board - will initially run from January to August in 2017.

    Featuring local experts such as Gardening Australia's South Australian presenter and author, Sophie Thomson and garden educator from Green Gecko Studios, Monina Gilbey, the interactive sessions will provide practical tips and advice on an array of topics, from composting and biodiversity to organic pest control and edible gardens.

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    Sustainable Living information sessions coming up:  

    What: Sustainable, Ethical and Healthy Food
    Hosted by Graham Brookman of the Food Forest, this session will explore issues around local food production such as what certified organic and free-range actually mean and why these foods can cost more to produce.
    When: 11am, Sunday 25 June 2017

    What: Organic and sustainable pest and disease management
    In this session Gardening Australia's South Australian presenter Sophie Thomson will share her tips on how to deal with garden pests and diseases in an organic and sustainable way.
    When: 11am Sunday 23 July 2017

    What: Using indigenous plants
    Hosted by Monina Gilbey from Green Gecko Studios, this session will inspire you to find beauty in indigenous plants and the benefits of using them to create a colourful, water wise, biodiverse garden.
    When: 11am Sunday 20 August 2017